Modern Ceiling Lamp CL637 (White)

  • Minimalist design at its best with frosted white cover , offers 360 degrees of lumen in a simple, sleek package. Features a round white Acrylic Cover set seamlessly into the similarly shaped metal base.

Available in 3 sizes, it will coordinate easily with the decor in any contemporary and modern theme.

Lamp Type / Lamp Temperature:
  • Small -18Watt Led (Warmwhite/Daylight) or 24Watt Led (RGB)
  • Medium-30w Led (2-step dimming Warmwhite/Daylight) or 36Watt Led (RGB)
  • Large-36W Led (2-step dimming Warmwhite/Daylight)

-- LED panel comes with 1 year EXCHANGE Warranty
-- Note 2-step dimming version is only APPLICABLE to 30w & 36w LED Panel